Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Baby Strollers - safety tips

When choosing or using a stroller keep these points in mind: Always supervise children when they are in the stroller. Choose a sturdy stroller and follow the manufacturer's instructions for the child's weight and height. Always use the safety harness and lap belts, and make sure that the child is seated properly in the stroller. Use the brakes when stopped, and when placing the child in or removing the child from the stroller. Make sure that the child's hands and feet are not in the way before making adjustments to the stroller. Check the stroller regularly for signs of damage and to make sure the wheels are securely attached. Do not use pillows or blankets as padding, as they pose a suffocation risk. Do not carry additional children, items, or accessories in or on the stroller except as recommended in the manufacturer's instructions. Do not use a stroller on an escalator.

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maxi cosi car seat said...

Make sure that the height and stroller handlebars are comfortable with your height. Also check the width of your stroller. Not purchase stroller width more than 30inches.