Saturday, April 11, 2009

Confinement Home with Pediatric Backup in Kuching

After 32 years in medical practice and the last 20 years as a pediatrician, I have seen the difficulties many young parents (and new grandparents!) face after leaving the hospital with their new baby.

Those fortunate enough to find good confinement nannies still have to cope with their increasing demands - no cooking for rest of family; no looking after other kids; no laundry; one day off a week etc. Others, not so fortunate, have nannies who cannot help at the last minute or end their services prematurely; or those whose hygeine and traditional practices makes one wonder if the baby is really in good hands (sometimes, really, they are not - but parents by then are too scared to upset the nanny - in case she quits or worse - does bad things to the baby).

No wonder 13% of pregnant women and new mothers have depression! (Dads have postnatal depression too !)

Why are medical professionals not involved in helping parents through this tough and tiring confinement period and have left it to the (usually uneducated) confinement nannies for so long?

So why not provide this service in a safe confinement centre - so mum can rest while the baby is medically monitored and professionally taken care of?
At the same time provide a venue where young and new parents can learn how to safely hold, bathe, dress, soothe and massage baby and all the essentials of parenting and child care?

So, one year ago, I started the process of applying for a license from the Ministry of Health Malaysia to operate a confinement home in Kuching. The plans had to meet the stringent requirements of MOH to ensure client safety and hygiene and was finally approved after several revisions.

Finally the confinement center is completed and ready - the first of its kind in Sarawak.

Medically run and with pediatric backup, Havilah Confinement Home hopes to become your confinement service of choice.

But above all, if you are expecting your baby and really need to learn how to take care of this wonderful gift (who unfortunately does not come with an operator's manual!) - we can help you!

Call +06 082 366452 or +06 016 85 20 200 (or sms - we will call back)

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letti said...

hello dr. tan! I can't help but want to keep calling you Prof Tan :). It's letticia here from md unimas 2nd batch. It was quite a coincidence that you would be writing about the HAVILAH CONFINEMENT HOME. My husband and I just had our first baby on March 30th, and he was breech and I had pre-eclampsia, and so it was delivery via c-section. As I'm here in Texas without my family around, I've had to count on my husband's family to help out here and there, but still in the end, I have to pick myself up to do chores around the house, take care of the baby, cook etc etc , so i can appreciate the concept of a "confinement home" that teaches the basics to new and first time parents. I've had quite a few "weepy" moments of feeling totally overwhelmed, and am glad for my hubby's support, but like you say, it would be nice if baby DID come with a manual *smiles* Happy Easter!

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