Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Germ Proof your house!

General Housekeeping - Daily Decontamination of Toys, Floor, Furniture, walls

Home & floors should be cleaned daily (water & detergent)
Surfaces should be cleaned with a low-level disinfectant.
Regular cleansing of toys in a dishwasher or washing machine decreases germ contamination & eliminates organic material

Wear Disposable gloves to clean up any blood or body fluid spillage to protect yourself from picking up germs and contaminating or infecting yourself.
Wash area with detergent & disinfect with a freshly prepared solution of 1:10 household bleach applied for at least 30 seconds and wiped after the minimum contact time.

how to produce a 1 in 10 dilution? -
(10 ml chlorox to 90 ml water)

Be careful with fabrics and colored stuff - sorry if the color comes off!!

dr tan poh tin

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